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KITE moves on to the second round

The follow-up project will develop and implement an AI-based, gamified application for female entrepreneurs.

The results of our pilot project KITE form the basis for the development of an AI-supported application for female entrepreneurs. This will now be implemented in the project KITE II. The project is led by socio-computer scientist Prof. Dr. Nicola Marsden from the University of Heilbronn and supported by the bundesweite gründerinnenagentur (bga) and an advisory board of experts in the fields of female entrepreneurship, gender equality and communication.

The KITE project aims to,

  • identify specific patterns and codes of exclusion from the discriminatory experiences of women founders and entrepreneurs,
  • make the collective knowledge of women entrepreneurs and founders available to others,
  • support women founders to assign their experiences more quickly and clearly to a gender-specific code,
  • provide tips on how other female founders have dealt with a similar situation, and
  • increase the resilience of female founders.

KITE II will focus on the development and implementation of an AI-based, gamified application to help female founders become more resilient to discriminatory experiences in the start-up process. This can be done for example by preparing for difficult situations in a simulated or gamified context. The aim is to develop an innovative way of delivering training that ensures that the underlying pattern recognition algorithms are not only non-discriminatory, but also enable discrimination to be identified and integrated into subsequent training sessions.

Key issues are user-centricity and the participation of people who are directly or indirectly affected by a technology.


bundesweite gründerinnenagentur (bga)

c/o WeiberWirtschaft eG

The project “Combating discrimination for female founders through targeted development of skills in recognizing and coping with patterns of discrimination” is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth